Wicklow Hockey Club

Founded 1996

Co. Wicklow

The Growth Of Wicklow Hockey Club

Second Pitch At DCW





Why A Second Pitch For Wicklow Hockey Club?



The club has shown a strong continuous growth over the last 5 years. 

With the population increasing/young families/new housing developments/local development plan around Wicklow. We would expect the growth to continue. 
As a result, the club has expanded, with 2 men’s section, the ladies’ section launching a second team and young talent becoming of age for senior hockey. 

In addition, we have launched vets hockey and would like to grow the numbers over the next 2 years ; Wicklow team will attend a vets tournament in the Europe June 2023. 

Our Junior Hockey has steadily grown over the years. This year alone there was a rise of 14% in Junior players. 

Extra pitch space will be needed if WHC wishes to keep growing. EGS rents out the pitch to other sport clubs than WHC to maximise income; this limits availability of the pitch for WHC despite growing demand.
Wicklow HC has a regional role to play in the development of hockey in Ireland. Hockey is played in neighbouring towns such as Enniscorthy, Gorey, Greystones, and Bray. Wicklow has a strategic location in the middle; the whole region would benefit from having more available pitch time for matches and tournaments. Links from Governing bodies showing the benefit to Wicklow and the Development of Hockey.

Sports Ireland

Hockey Ireland


Dominican College Wicklow have a grit pitch on which the club used to play before 2012. It dates from 1996 and is not maintained well. As a result Hockey has become less popular in DCW and the school is struggling to field teams. Parents in Wicklow HC who have children in DCW have urged committee members to talk to DCW and encourage the school to renew the pitch.  This starts Wicklow HC Affilication with DCW. 


The Plan


The Existing dust surface will be stripped off before 840 metres of lateral drainage plus 100 metres of carrier drainage is installed. In addition, ducting for lighting and 6 lighting bases will be installed.